250RQ Round Quad Wagon



-QT100 Fabricated 47” wide stable Chassis

-Steel Bumper with Tow Hooks

-AR200 3/16” Body, 39” High plus 10” Sideboards

-220 Custom Commercial Hoist

-Jack on Draw Bar

-Full Floor-Length Sills

-Holland HD Turntable

-Grip Ladder (Driver Side Rear)

-Angles on Draw Bar (Gravel Free)

-Greasable Bushings

-Aluminum Diamond Plate Fenders (Front and Rear)

-Enclosed (Protected) Gauges

-Two Mud Flaps in rear of second Axle, Two Mud Flaps in front of third Axle, Two Mud Flaps in rear of fourth Axle

Suspension and Axle

-Reyco 23000 lb Air Ride Suspension (with Dump Valve and Pressure Gauge)

-Reyco 25000 lb Axles

-Long Stud Hubs

-Wabco ABS

-Auto Slack Adjusters

-77” Track Width

Wheels and Tires

-Yokohama Y773 On/Off –Road Tires – 11R22.5

-Dunlop SP832 On/Off-Road Tires – 11R22.5


-Michel’s Slide or Flip Tarp (Mesh or Vinyl)

-Stainless Steel Crank Chain

-Slide Tarp – 12” Rise, Stainless Steel Tarp Cables


-Internal Common Ground Harness

-Truck Lite LED Lights with fully enclosed wiring

-Side Signal Lights on Body

Paint and Finish

-Fully Sandblasted Steel

-Axalta™ (DuPont) Imron Elite polyurethane primer & paint

-Chassis – Black

-Box – White or Silver

-Sideboards – Black



-High Sidewall (47” High plus 6” Sideboards)

-Brinell 500 Hardness in Various Thickness (consult with Cross Country)

-Sealed Tailgate

-Aluminum Tailgate

-Hydraulic High Lift Tailgate

Suspension and Axle

-Holland CB2300 Suspension with integrated Rockwell Axle

-Hendrickson Intraax Suspension/Axle combination (25000 lbs)

Hubs and Drums

-Duralite Hub and Centrifuse Drum

-Duralite Hub and Standard Drum

-Duralite Hub and Aluminum Drum


-Slide Tarp

  • 18” Rise
  • Electric Kit

-Flip Tarp

  • Aluminum Tarp Arms
  • Electric Kit
  • -Custom Colors Available (consult Cross Country for availability)

Paint and Finish

-Custom Color (Body, Chassis, Sideboards)

(Consult Cross Country)


-Aluminum Dress

  • Aluminum Diamond Plate on Front of Box
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate on Posts
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate on Tubing
  • Smooth Aluminum Plate on Front of Box
  • Smooth Aluminum Plate on Posts
  • Smooth Aluminum Plate on Tubing

-Aluminum Tool Box mounted on Frame (18” x 18” x 36”)

-Aluminum Round Fenders

-Stainless Steel Round Fenders

-Black Plastic Round Fenders

-Extra Ladder (Consult Cross Country)

-Spare Tire Carrier

-Spare Tire Carrier with Spare Tire (White Steel Rim)

-Back-Up Lights on Bumper

-Aluminum Light Bar

-Back-Up Alarm

-Chains on Axles to prevent Bottom Out

-Vibrator (installed)

-Chain Hangers

-Turntable Grease Banks

-Axle Grease Banks

-Paving Bumper

-Calcium Sprayer