Exceptional approach

Tecumseh Trailers had its beginnings 5 years ago in Tecumseh, Ontario. It started with a small but dedicated team who understood that the key to success was building the best trailer possible, through superior engineering, old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail. We have always believed that a man or a company’s work is a reflection of who they are, and pride is generated by the success of what you’ve built.

From the beginning, that craftsmanship has been our main selling feature, and it still is today. With the wide range of aggregate trailers and boxes we offer, in both steel and aluminum, and with our large manufacturing capacity, we still remain focused on our main goal – building the best engineered, longest lasting trailer on the market.

While our production has dramatically increased since the beginning, we continue to produce a product on par with any manufacturer in North America. Our focus on customer satisfaction has lead to a broad range of options, and our research and development team is continually looking for ways to improve the Tecumseh trailer. Oil fields, rock quarries and construction sites are all terrains where the Tecumseh trailer has shown its metal.

Our Work Team

Unlimited Opportunities

Our employees tell us that working at Tecumseh is special. For the right person, working here brings many rewards and benefits.

In many ways, we are different from other employers. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Talk to our employees about their experience, and decide for yourself if we’re the right place for you.

Enjoy the challenge of constantly learning about the industry and being a part of a larger picture.

Tecumseh is a company that provides strong support to their employees and cares about their thoughts and ideas.

Some of the positions available at Tecumseh is welders, assembly workers, forklift opperators, and brake press operators.

If Tecumseh Trailers seems like a place for you please see our contact page.